At Business Health Partners, we have been providing confidential and discreet occupational testing services for over twenty years. Whether you are a large Industrial company or a small business, we provide all occupational testing services at our facility or at your Industrial site with our on-site mobile testing unit.

BHP is your partner in comprehensive occupational health and testing services such as:

  • Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Audiograms with Baseline Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Immunizations and Laboratory Services
  • Physical Exams (Certified DOT Examiner Onsite)
  • Vision Screening
  • Certified Hair Drug Screen Collections
  • Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians, DOT Panel
  • Certified Specimen Collector, DOT Panel
  • DATIA Accredited

Onsite Occupational Medicine Clinic

Business Health Partners can setup, manage, staff, and organize your own onsite Occupational Medicine clinic to work closely with your employees to manage their care, improve outcomes, and reduce injury or illness-related lost work time.

An onsite clinic can increase employee access to care, encourage healthy behaviors, assist with injuries, manage work-related and personal health care costs, and enhance worker health and productivity. By having your own occupational medicine clinic you can help improve employee attendance, employee turnover and health care costs.

Your onsite medical clinic may be permanent, temporary or mobile. With BHP customizing your onsite clinic you can get the appropriate level of service and access to healthcare to keep your workforce happy, healthy, and productive.

With BHPMobile get our testing, screening, and clinical services on-site at your location. For more information about our mobile on-site services contact our Onsite Services Coordinator at (337) 626-1011.